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Turkmen students take part in “Novruz Bayram” festival

On March 26, the “Novruz Bayram” festival at the Grodno State University of Yanka Kupala gathered foreign students from ten higher education institutions. Turkmenistan students from Belarusian State University of Physical Culture, joined the celebration of the new year according the astronomical solar calendar.

“Novruz Bayram” is traditionally celebrated by Persian and some Turkic peoples of Kazakhstan, Central and Asia Minor, Iran, as well as Bashkirs and Tatars. The holiday is associated with the spring equinox and the beginning of the new agricultural year.

During the festival, specialized zones were implemented, where guests of the event could feel the uniqueness of different nations.

Azerbaijan students treated all volunteers with baklava, jam, and homemade sugar. As students said, the main feature of this confectionary is addition of. Dolma, pilaf, and the “holy food” of sumelek were also free to taste. Students said that preparations for Novruz began a few weeks before the holiday.

At the site of Turkmenistan students, everyone could try manti, chak-chak, samsa and pilaf, and Iraq students from Yanka Kupala State University offered guests the Brian, chicken stuffed with rice, onions and pasta, as well as national soups.

At the exhibition “Rainbow of Creativity” the quests could see the home furnishings and even wear different national costumes. For example, students from Tajikistan presented a traditional hand-made wedding dress made of specific material and embroidered with symbolic national patterns.

Fans of wrestle were attracted by the traditional Turkmen wrestling “goresh”. This is a variety of belts wrestling, which comes from ancient times. Historical sources noted, that not only men, but also women took part in “goresh”. The main goal is to earn points. Those who touches the floor first-loses.

Our students won three awards during the tournament in different weight categories: Gold in the account of Pirnepes Tesheev (224 group) and Jumanazar Hudaynazarov (123 group), Shyhnazar Hanov earned silver (127 group).

Also, our students won the rope dragging contest.

The festival was finished with a final concert, where foreign students demonstrated national culture through creative performances.