About university

Belarusian State University of Physical Education is the only specialized institution of higher education in the country for training in the field of physical culture, sport and tourism.

The University provides all kinds of educational services: pre-university preparation, university postgraduate education, retraining and updating of specialists in the field of physical culture, sport and tourism.

BSUPC actively conducts basic and applied research on elite sports, mass sports, health-improving and adaptive physical culture, tourism, develops international relations with foreign education institutions, participates in sports competitions of various levels.

Currently, we are training 4,581 students.

There are 51master’s degree students, 56 post-graduate students, 2 doctoral degree students, including the citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Estonia, Syria, Libya, Iran, Iraq, China, China, and Israel. Over the years, we have had students from Tunisia, Jordan, Lebanon, Bosnia and Herzegovina and other countries.

At the University of Physical Culture there are two sports-pedagogical faculties, the Faculty of Health-Oriented Physical Training and Tourism, the Faculty of Pre-university Training, the Institute of Tourism, the Institute of updating and retraining for managers and specialists, 4 centers, 34 academic departments, postgraduate and doctoral degree courses, the Theses Defense Board as well as other units and supporting services.

The educational process is carried out by about 400 people, including 8 doctors and 96 candidates of sciences, 12 professors, 88 associate professors.

To ensure the educational process and conduct the research, the University has comfortable auditoriums and lecture halls, special labs and classrooms, which are equipped with modern teaching aids, instruments and special equipment, video cameras, audio and video recorders, digital terminal, OHRs and multimedia projectors, scanners, computers, medical diagnostic equipment.

In recent years, the material base and technical equipment of the country’s main sports university have been significantly improved. The sports training complex was built, which houses facilities for basketball and handball, volleyball and tennis, freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling, the football hall, the gyms for weightlifting, boxing, fencing, gymnastics, precise technical action sports, as well as the combined dance hall, skiing centre, a shooting gallery and a medical center. In 2014, we built and put into operation two sports training facilities, the Swimming Pool and the Indoor Athletic Track.

The university cooperates with the related departments of other domestic educational institutions and contributes to the development of relations with leading foreign sports universities in Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Moldova, Bulgaria, Latvia, Sweden, Germany, China and other countries.

BSUPC has guided to the elite sport many outstanding athletes and coaches, including Alexander Medved, Romuald Klim, Vladimir Parfenovich, Elena Belova, Vitaly Scherbo, Ellina Zvereva, Ekaterina Karsten, Alexei Grishin, Dmitry Dashchynski, Victoria Azarenka, Alexandra Gerasimenya, Lubou Cherkashina, Anton Kushnir, Vladislav Goncharov, and many other Olympians known worldwide.