The Rhytmic Gymnastics Palace held master classes

On the basis of the Republican Center for Olympic Training in Rhythmic Gymnastics, a number of master classes of the international scientific and practical seminar “Modern systems of training of high-class athletes and reserve in sports gymnastics and dance sports” took place.

Before the start of main program the guests got acknowledged with the sport facility. The seminar participants were accompanied by 2012 Olympic bronze medalist, senior coach of the national team of Belarus in rhythmic gymnastics Liubov Charkashyna.

The palace, a unique center for the sports reserves and high-class sportsmen training, was opened in March 2018.

It includes two spacious training rooms, two rooms for initial training groups, four choreographic rooms, an aerobics room, a pool, two saunas, a gym, a cafe, a hotel facility, a cardio zone, a physiotherapy room, a massage room, and procedural rooms.

At the center sportsmen, leaded by senior coaches, are improving their gymnastics mastery.

During the seminar coaches demonstrated the process of training. Coaches held a modern choreography class, shared with specificities of balance and gymnastics moves of various complicity.

Also, master-classes were focused on to the structure of various bounces and the methods of basic interactions with objects.