The BSUPC men’s volleyball team won the Union State of Russia and Belarus Student Games

The BSUPC men’s volleyball team won the Spartakiad among the Union State students. This event was held in Sochi on the basis of the Southern Federal Center for Sports Training.

The team was leaded by the head teacher of sports games and combats department Ruslan Selyavko, his men have defeated the BNTU team, as well as teams from Rostov, Tyumen and Voronezh.

BSUPC students, who contributed to victory: Evgeny Yezersky (group 142), Evgeny Goncharik (group 142), Alexander Kavalevsky (group 142), Maksim Ivanov (group 132), Alexey Labut (group 132), Andrey Savitsky (group 132), Roman Pasovets (group 127), Dmitry Polyansky (group 127).

On the one step from of victory was the BSUPC woman volleyball team, coached by Marina Zapevalova (sports games and combats department) and badminton team, coached by Anna Zahelnikova (sports games and combats department).

Within the Spartakiad program, participants visited the Olympic Park, took part in a patriotic campaign dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War, and the opening of the Winter Sports Museum in the Ice sports Palace “Iceberg”.

In 2020, the Spartakiad is planned to be held in Orsha, Gomel, Volgograd and Ryazan.