The BSUPC is hosting an international conference in gymnastic and dancing sports

 The Belarusian State University of Physical Education is hosting an international seminar «Modern training systems for high-level sportsmen in gymnastic sports and dance sports».

The occasion started with a round table, devoted to the development of gymnastic sports and Belarusian gymnasts training for the 2020 Summer Olympics.

Welcoming the seminar participants, Rector Sergei Repkin emphasized, that the university has been organizing a large-scale forum for the fourth year, that is an effective platform for the experience exchange of innovative technologies for sportsmen training, allowing professionals from various countries to increase their professional excellence.

The head coach of the Belarus National Team in Rhythmic Gymnastics Lyubov Cherkashina epmhasized the actuality of seminar program, which includes discussion platforms and master-classes not only in traditional sports, but also in up-and-coming Olympic sports, such as parkour and breakdance.

The performance analysis of the Belarusian sports gymnasts at official competitions was presented during the round table. Professionals discussed the diagnosis and the correction of the musculoskeletal and neuromuscular apparatus functions of gymnasts, the effectiveness of Sports Gymnastics within junior sport school.

The head coach of the Belarus female national gymnastics team Valery Kolodinsky, The director of Republican Center for Olympic Training in Gymnastic Sports Ekaterina Kolmogorova, the head of the scientific group in gymnastics Gennadiy Lesniv, the BSUPC professor of gymnastics department Oksana Karas, Unitary Enterprise “VRTEK” leading specialist Vladislav Lukashevich, as well as BSUPC scientists, deans, professors and students participated in the discussion.

It worth noting, that this seven-day seminar will bring together more than 300 leading coaches, sportsmen, researchers and professors from Belarus, Russia, Belgium, United Kingdom, Germany, Moldova, Poland, South African Republic, China and Japan.

During the forum, experts will be exchanging views on actual issues about the development of rhythmic gymnastics, trampolining, gymnastics, freestyle, sports acrobatics, sports aerobics, dancing sports, parkour.

Primarily, the program emphasized the practical component. Master classes will be held at the BSUPC and the Republical center of Olympic training for rhythmic gymnastics basis.

Also, within the event framework, on November 22-24, 2019 an international tournament in sports acrobatics “BSUPC Cup” will be held in memory of the USSR Honored Coach Mikhail Tseytin.