The Athletics Department held a seminar and master class in the framework of the XXV International Scientific Congress

On October 16, 2020, at the Department of Athletics, within the framework of the XXV International Scientific Congress, a master class «Improving the technique of high jump with athletes of the national and national teams of the Republic of Belarus» was held by the RCOP athletics coach Viktor Nikolaevich Baranovsky with the participation of his student — Yegor Guptor — champion Summer European Youth Olympic Festival 2019 MS in high jump (personal best — 2 m 20 cm).

Viktor Nikolaevich told the students and the teaching staff of the department about the modern high jump technique, about the biomechanical features of this athletics exercise, as well as about the training process in the annual cycle for each of the stages of the jumper’s training. Yegor Guptor clearly demonstrated the features of the high jump technique.
The master class aroused keen interest among those present.