Student Scientific Conference Held at the Department of Belarusian and Russian Languages

In order to increase the prestige and popularization of scientific knowledge, develop student intellectual and creative activities, on December 3, 2019 at the Belarusian and Russian languages department a student scientific conference «Language in the educational space of a university with a sports profile» was held.

The reports were prepared by foreign students from China, Turkmenistan and France, as well as university lecturers from Japan and South Korea.

All conference participants are members of social club, created to promote the social integration of foreign citizen, by developing their communicative skills.

It is worth noting, that Russian was the official conference language.

Participants’ work was evaluated by Natalia Masharskaya, The Faculty of Health-Oriented Physical Training, Alexander Shablovsky, the Head of Belarusian and Russian Languages Department. The event was moderated by the senior professor Svetlana Vasilenko.

Apart from an official part, the conference surprised participants with an artistic perfomances. The most magnificent performance belongs to Chinese students with “Moscow Nights” song.

Belarusian and Russian languages department