Scientific and Innovative Activities Center

Since 2017 BSUPC is part of the system of scientific organizations of the Republic of Belarus (accreditation certificate of a scientific organization dated December 20, 2017 № 245).

In 2020, scientific research at the University was carried out in the framework of the research plan of the BSUFC for 2016-2020, approved by the University Council of August 31, 2015.

The plan included the research of three scientific areas, each of them covers the complex of interrelated problems. The first area included problems of organization and managing of «Physical culture, sports and tourism» with the training and professional development processes in physical culture, sports and tourism. The second area was connected with increasing the effectiveness of the long-term system of training highly qualified athletes. The third area united the complex of problems, associated with the physical education of various categories of the population, recreational, therapeutic and adaptive physical culture, physical rehabilitation and occupational therapy.

The key scientific and organizational events in the University in 2020 were the Festival of University Science – 2020 (within the framework of which 16 scientific and practical events were held), the International Student scientific and practical online Conference «Current issues of hockey development», the XXV International Scientific Congress «Olympic Sports and Sports for All», the International Student Olympic Forum «Olympic Movement, Student Sports, Communications and Education», the International scientific and practical Seminar «Modern systems of training high-class and reserve athletes in gymnastic sports and dance sports», International scientific and practical online Conference of students and graduates of higher schools of coaches «Modern problems of training highly qualified hockey players».

On a systematic basis, in the format of round tables, seminars and discussion platforms, a series of scientific and practical events was organized to discuss the problems of the development of priority sports «Modern sports technologies in the preparation of the Olympic reserve and highly qualified athletes» with the involvement of leading scientists and practitioners in the field of physical culture and sports, as well as highly qualified athletes, as a result of which 10 information brochures were published.

The University has 5 scientific and pedagogical schools (SPS).

Training of highly qualified researchers in BSUPC is carried out in 3 scientific specialties of postgraduate studies: 13.00.04 – theory and methodology of physical education, sports training, recreational and adaptive physical culture; 03.03.01 – physiology; 03.03.02 – anthropology (according to the decision of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Republic of Belarus № 3.7 dated March 3, 2020) and 1 specialty of doctoral studies (13.00.04).

On the basis of the testing site of the scientific and educational cluster «Intellectual technologies in sports» the department of innovative sports technologies operates. The technical equipment of the site allows to register, evaluate and analyze the training process in the laboratory and field conditions according to the indicators of special physical, technical and functional fitness of athletes.

For conducting research by students, postgraduates, doctoral students and students of the Higher School of Coaches, the center has modern portable equipment that allows dynamically to evaluate the technical characteristic of the exercises performed, determine the level of functional fitness of the athletes’ body, plan and control targeted sports training.

Every year, the Departments of the University summarize the results of research activities and submit such information as the main indicators of R&D and a report on the topic included in the research plan of the BSUPC to the Center.

Scientific, Methodical and Innovative Activities Center (SMIAC)

Minsk, Pobediteley avenue, 105, 220020

Head of the Center

 Olga D. Nechai
+375 17 307 67 45, 223 room (office), e-mail:

Specialists of the Сenter

Tatyana N. Mushtenko
+375 17 357 63 51, 223 room, e-mail:
Yulianna O. Khaydarova
+375 17 374 61 16, 542 room, e-mail:

Postgraduate and doctoral studies

Natalia P. Makarevich – Head of postgraduate studies
Ekaterina I. Dovydenko – Senior Specialist
+375 17 377 53 55, 550 room, e-mail:

Department of Innovative Sports Technologies

Ekaterina A. Tsedryk – Head of the Department
+375 17 374 61 16, room 540, e-mail:

Laboratory of functional diagnostics and rehabilitation technologies

Dmitry K. Zubovski – Head of the laboratory
+375 17 240 26 49, +375 17 302 93 40, rooms 331-338 (TSC «Track-and-field arena», Pobediteley avenue, 109 B), e-mail:

Information and Analytical Department

Margarita E. Agafonova – Head of the Department
+375 17 373 60 64, rooms 539, e-mail: