Information and Analytical Department

The Information and Analytical department is a structural division of the Scientific, Methodical and Innovative Activities Center in the BSUPC, which carries out analytical and research activities for the comprehensive study, search and implementation of innovative solutions for the current problems of training highly qualified athletes and the athletes of Olympic reserve.

Main areas of activity of the Department:

  • analytical activity in the field of sports and pedagogical sciences, innovative technologies of sports training;
  • information activities on scientific and methodological support of coaching staff and management staff of RCOT, RСOR, federations on topical issues of sports training;
  • research activities in the field of organizing and conducting research on the creation and implementation of methods for monitoring and managing the training of athletes, based on a new generation of information and measurement tools and technologies for sports purposes, in the training process;
  • international scientific cooperation with educational institutions and research organizations on topical issues of high-performance sports and Olympic reserve training;
  • organization of a cycle of scientific and practical events «Modern sports technologies in the preparation of the Olympic reserve and highly qualified athletes» – a form of scientific and methodological work at the university, the purpose of which is a comprehensive study and search for innovative solutions to current problems of training the Olympic reserve and highly qualified athletes in sports.