Foreign applicants

Application deadlines

Faculty of Mass Sports
(higher education program)
by October 15 (inclusive)
Faculty of Health-Improving Physical Culture
(higher education program)
Faculty of Sport Games and Combative Sports
(higher education program)
Faculty of Sport, Tourism and Hospitality Management of the Institute of Sport and Tourism Management
(higher education program)
Preparatory Courses of Russian language as a foreign language

from July 15 till February 1 (inclusive)

Master’s program

from June 1 till July 31 (inclusive) and from December 1 till January 20 (inclusive)

Doctoral program

during the year

Educational Internship

during the year

Forms of control

At the end of every term students have exams. During the exams they get marks and credits on given disciplines. The grade system at Belarusian universities consists of marks from 1 to 10 since 2004.

Mark Explanation
10-9 Excellent
8-6 Fine
5-4 Satisfactory
3-1 Unsatisfactory

Academic year

Studying period Exam period Vacations
Autumn term September – December January two weeks in February
Spring term February – May June July — August

address: office 434, 105, Pobediteley avenue, 220020, Minsk, Republic of Belarus
tel: +375 17 377 51 21
fax: +375 17 373 59 36


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