Faculty of Sports and Martial Arts

The Dean of the Faculty


Ph.D. in Biological Sciences

Contact phone number: + 375 17 355 72 72

Office: 240

The faculty students acquire the qualification of sports coach and PE teacher.

The faculty Chairs:

  • Department of Biomechanichs
  • Department of Cycling, Skating and Equestrian Sports Department of
  • Department of Wrestling
  • Department of Sports
  • Department of Sport and Physical Education activities and Methodology of training
  • Department of Fencing, Boxing and Weightlifting
  • Department of Philosophy and History
  • Department of Football and Hockey

The fundamental university educational activities are basing on methodology, science, sports and students moral character formation.


Modes of Study


Occupational opportunities

Sports and Physical Education Activities (Coaching work in Particular Sports)
Sports: cycling, figure skating, speed skating, equestrian sports, basketball, handball, volleyball, tennis, Greco-Roman wrestling, freestyle wrestling, sambo, judo, fencing, weightlifting, boxing, football, ice hockey, field hockey.
Full-time education Sports Coach;
P.E. teacher
P.E. teacher, Sports Coach of educational institutions, Olympic training centers, and sports and recreational establishments.
Sports: equestrian sport, basketball, handball, volleyball, tennis, wrestling, fencing, weightlifting, boxing, football, ice hockey, field hockey. Part-time education