Department of Innovative Sports Technologies

The scientific and educational cluster «Intelligent Technologies in Sports» operates on the basis of Scientific, Methodical and Innovative Activities Center. The purpose of the Cluster is to coordinate the activities of the Cluster participants in terms of providing advanced scientific and technical development, training and accelerated implementation of scientific developments based on a new generation of information and measurement tools and sports technologies in sports practice.

The main tasks of the Cluster are the following:

  • creation and development of innovative human resources for educational institutions, physical culture and sports;
  • fundamental and applied research based on unique equipment;
  • conducting a full innovation cycle of research and development work;
  • development of international cooperation in the field of sports science;
  • creating conditions for financing and incubating innovative startups;
  • attracting direct investment for the implementation of innovative projects.

The main activities of the Cluster:

  • strategic planning for the development of research in the field of sports and pedagogical sciences, biomedical and sports — engineering;
  • organization and conducting of research;
  • educational activities;
  • information activities;
  • raising capital for the implementation of programs and projects.

The Department of Innovative Sports Technologies of the Center functions on the basis of the testing site of the scientific and educational cluster «Intelligent Technologies in Sports». The technical equipment of the site allows to register, evaluate and analyze the training process in the laboratory and field conditions according to the indicators of special physical, technical and functional fitness of athletes.