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Board of the Confucius Classroom held the meeting at BSUPC

The delegation from Lingnan Normal University, headed by Vice-Rector Lan Yangtse, arrived at the university to attend a meeting of the Board of the BSUPC Confucius Class – a joint project of two universities.

The Rector of BSUPC Sergey Repkin, the administrative staff and the leaders of Confucius Class of the university attended this annual event.

The parties have discussed the results of work of the educational project and outlined promising areas for its further development.

Sergey Repkin noted, that the Confucius Class in addition to conducting classes of Chinese language, Wushu and Tai Chi, coordinates major events. Among the latter events are the International Festival “Wushu for Friendship”, the qualifying round of the World Contest “Chinese Language Bridge”.

The class of Confucius BSUFC has already gone beyond the university, opening three branches: one at the Minsk gymnasium and two at schools in Brest, where more than 300 children learn Chinese language and culture for free.

Ms. Lan Yangtze accented, that the work of BSUPC Confucius Class is highly appreciated by the Ministry of Education of China and the Chinese State Office for the Promotion of Chinese language “Hanban”, and also expressed confidence, that in the future the Confucius Class will be able to improve its status and be transformed into Confucius Institute. To do this, it is necessary to increase the number of students, maintain the quality of training at the proper level, and, the most important, actively develop areas typical for the BSUPC Confucius Class – martial arts, physical rehabilitation.

Also, the Chinese side is interested in the academic exchange of students and teachers. In Lingnan Normal University it is planned to select a group of students, who will learn Russian language from the 1st to the 4th course and, after it, passing the final exam, they will continue their studies at BSUPC.

According to Sergey Repkin, this kind of approach will allow Chinese students to master the curriculum more effectively, quickly integrate into the student’s medium, and, having formed a separate team for the kind of a sport, train and participate in competitions of different levels.

The Rector also noted, that BSUPC has the extensive experience of work with foreign citizens, who are studying at postgraduate courses. The university creates comfortable conditions for students to engage in academic work and write the dissertation.

It is planned to extend the Confucius Class of the university, to create the joint scientific laboratory with the all necessary equipment in the frames of Chinese-Belarusian project.

The delegation from Lingnan Normal University will continue the acquaintance with BSUPC at the International Olympic Forum within working meetings with Vice-Rectors.

At the end of the visit the parties will sign the minutes of the BSUPC Confucius Class Council.