The International Scientific and Practical Conference «Topical Issues of Training the Sports Reserve in Hockey» has started at BSUPC

On May 6, 2021, the International Scientific and Practical Conference «Topical Issues of Training the Sports Reserve in Hockey» started at the Belarusian State University of Physical Culture.

The conference began its work with the grand opening of the methodological room for ice hockey in the educational and sports building of the university.

Thanks to close cooperation with the Ice Hockey Federation of Belarus, the specialists of the two organizations managed to design and technically equip the audience for future specialists in the field of physical culture, sports and tourism.

Head of the Department of Football and Hockey Andrey Vasilevich:

“This conference was planned to be held even before the Ice Hockey World Championship, but the forum was postponed. Despite this, we note the importance of organizing such events — science should move forward and, undoubtedly, be present in our life, specifically at our university. First of all, the conference was started for our students and teachers, and its main goal is to train highly qualified personnel using modern technologies”.

Experts from Belarus, Russia, Belgium, Israel, Kazakhstan, Slovakia, USA, Czech Republic, Japan and other countries are taking part in the conference.

The conference was organized by the Ministry of Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Belarus, Educational Institution “Belarusian State University of Physical Culture”, Association “Ice Hockey Federation of the Republic of Belarus”, Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education“ Siberian State University of Physical Culture and Sports ”, Federal State Budgetary Institution“ St. Petersburg Scientific Research Institute of Physical Culture «, All-Russian public organization» Russian Hockey Federation «, Hockey League of Israel, Republican public association» Kazakhstan Ice Hockey Federation «, IIHF Program» Partnership for Progress «.

The solemn opening of the conference was attended by the rector of the university Sergei Repkin, deans, faculty, heads of structural divisions, staff and students of the university, chairman of the Ice Hockey Federation of Belarus Dmitry Baskov, director of the Republican Scientific and Practical Center for Sports Irina Malevanaya, Vice-Rector for Research of Polesie State University Nikolai Kruchinsky, Deputy Chairman of the Ice Hockey Federation of Belarus Svetlana Marchenko, State Ice Hockey Coach of Belarus Evgeny Vorsin, Head of the Scientific and Methodological Department of the Ice Hockey Federation of Belarus Anton Martynenko, Sports Director of the Kazakhstan Ice Hockey Federation Aleksey Mamontov, Sports Director of the Ice Hockey Federation of Belarus Andrei Bashko, coach of HC “Dynamo- St. Petersburg «Vyacheslav Zankovets, head coach of HC» Minsk Zubry «Artem Botvenkov, coach of HC» Dynamo-Minsk «Mikhail Grabovsky, coach of HC» Captain «Leonid Grishukevich, head coach of HC» Yunost-Minsk «Evgeny Esaulov, head coach of HC» Molodechno «Konstantin Koltsov, General Secretary — Head of the Competition and International Cooperation Department of the Ice Hockey Federation of Belarus Pavel Mikhei, Director of the Minsk Sports School of the BSS Dynamo Andrei Rashchinsky, Deputy Chairman of the Referee Sector of the Ice Hockey Federation of Belarus Vasily Rytvinsky, Director of the Sports School named after Ruslana Saleya Maxim Shimansky.

Sergei Repkin greeted those present and noted that: “The conference program was planned six months in advance in partnership with the Ice Hockey Federation. It contains both a theoretical part and practical lessons. This is an excellent example of how cooperation between an educational institution and a sports federation can provide opportunities for continuing professional growth for both beginners and experienced professionals. »

As part of the two-day program, the conference participants (coaches, practitioners, representatives of federations) will make presentations, hold master classes and round tables, where they will present their developments on the organization of the educational process and its scientific support, tell about their success stories and personal experience, discuss the prospects for the development of young hockey players.